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Client Account Access

For First Allied Securities, Inc. client account access, click on the appropriate clearing agent link for your account.

Below are the steps to gain online access to your account

  1. select Albridge Client Access (above)
  2. click on registration, NOT submit
  3. enter your social security # in top box and SHORNTEMP in the password box. (all caps)
  4. click next
  5. click “accept” of the user agreement
  6. complete the registration process page, anything with a red * (select your own personal password and user name)
  7. a registration confirmation will appear.
  8. I will be electronically notified of your request to access your account, I will approve it, and you will get electronic notification that I have approved your request.

Make sure to use my website, and do not use the automated link of to come back and check your account at your leisure. There have been some issues with this other link.

This process should only take you about 5 minutes!

Once Your Account Is Established

In your account: REPORTS

This will show you your current holding.

  1. Portfolio—Combined Account Portfolio
  2. Report—Holdings by Investor (Landscape)
  3. Date—Current date
  4. GO

This will show you your current holdings and your cost basis. 

  1. Portfolio—Combined Account Portfolio
  2. Report—Tax Lot unrealized Gain/loss by investor
  3. Date—Current Date
  4. GO

In this view below the line at the upper part of the page is a small box labeled (Tax Lot Details) If you have a + in the box it shows your holding on a combined basis. If there is a - in the box, this view shows your holdings and shows each individual reinvestment. You can change the view by clicking on the box.

Once you have your client access for this site established, along with your brokerage accounts held here, you will be able to view mutual fund and annuities held at those respective companies.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems getting this client access established. or 602-263-3616